Family Event Planning


The excitement surrounding namkaran or baby naming is truly palpable. It is an occasion that galvanizes the entire family into action!

We, at Kingdom Events Management, definitely understand your anxiety…hence we live up to our credibility of being one of the most dynamic family event organizers in Pune; we put our event management expertise to ensure a smooth, well-coordinated ceremony. Steering away from stereotyped celebrations, we bring a touch of innovation to the planning, adding to the excitement and happiness.

The stroke of ingenuity is clearly demonstrated when the baby’s name is flashed stylishly for everyone to see, after the baby’s aunt whispers the name in the bay’s ear as per tradition.

Dohale Jevan

Dohale jevan or baby shower is an occasion to bless the would-be mother and her unborn baby. It is an elaborate family function that holds special significance for a pregnant woman, usually hosted during the 7th month of pregnancy. The origin of dohale jevan is rooted in the garbha rakshan sanskar, a ritual performed to pray for the safety and well-being of the baby in the womb. Also, the idea behind the event is to impress upon the pregnant mother the importance of wellness through nourishing food, healthy habits and positive thinking. Members of the family express their solidarity towards her by showering her with their love, care and good advice.

At Kingdom Events Management, we pride on being one of the fastest growing family event organizers in Pune. We put in a lot of effort and dedication to make this occasion truly special; we take into account every single aspect, such as the flower decorations, pooja arrangements, the customary getup for the would-be mother, including special jewellery (halwyache daagine), among other preparations. We serve delicious, nourishing food by deciding the menu in consultation with our clients.

Apart from the traditional ‘swing’ decoration, we also offer a choice of themes that add zing to the whole event.



Special occasions indeed call for a celebration. It could be your wedding’s silver jubilee, your wedding’s golden jubilee, your mother turning 61 (eksashthi), your father turning 75 (panchahattari) or your grand mom turning 81 (sahastrchandra darshan). Each of these anniversaries holds an exclusive significance, where relatives and friends come together and add to the joy of the family members.

We take anniversaries and event management in Pune to a new level. Whatever the anniversary you wish to celebrate, the team at Kingdom Events Management is by your side, working as your extended family. Depending on the occasion, we suggest an appropriate theme and work out the entire décor in sync with this theme. For wedding anniversaries, we also arrange for the symbolic re-marriage! We plan for music, dance, mimicry and stand-up comedy – activities that enliven the occasion.

For clients who wish to add a dash of spirituality, we also arrange religious discourses (satsang). We make tula, the traditional weighing scale ritual, more interesting through our smart suggestions and practical advice.

Saving the best for the last, we arrange for lip-smacking food that indeed strikes a chord with your guests.



Traditionally, the munj or upanayana is a samskara that signifies the end of a boy’s childhood and empowers him to study the vedas. Performed usually when a boy turns 8, the occasion entails the wearing of the sacred thread (yajnopavita), understanding the meaning of the gayatri mantra and learning to perform sandhyavandana. Performed amidst the chant of sacred mantras by the priests, the thread ceremony is an important occasion boys look up to. It also focuses on father-son relationship, where the father turns the boy’s mentor and guides him into the future.

As one of the trustworthy family event organizers in Pune, Kingdom Events Management takes the hassle out of your son’s ‘thread ceremony’ by providing reliable and rapid-response support. Whether you want an elaborate, traditional function or a quick, swift ceremony, we can arrange it for you. From the priests (gurujis) to the varaat (traditional procession), from the venue to the menu, we work out all the details in tune with your budget. Topping it off is our tasty food that reflects the traditions and customs associated with the munj ceremony.



Pooja or Shri Satyanarayn Pooja is a traditional ritual that is performed to celebrate success or on the occasion of important milestones in life, such as a wedding, house warming, etc. Performing the pooja is deemed to be more auspicious in the month of sharavana.

Kingdom Events Management works closely with Ganesh mandals and social groups to ensure a smooth, streamlined experience for their Satyanarayan Pooja. Arranging the traditional pooja setup, managing the priests, designing, printing and sending out the invites, installing the sound system, lighting, distributing the divine offering (prasad) and catering are the several tasks we take up and execute with great efficacy. Depending on client requirement, we also arrange celebrity presence during the pooja.