Other Corporate Evenst

We also organize below Corporate Events

Fashion Shows

Put up a Fashion Show. People will easily take notice of your brand or special offering.

At Kingdom Events Management, we organize Fashion Shows for maximum impact. Depending on the product or service that is to be promoted, we first evaluate the right venue for the show - mall, multiplexes, park, picnic spots, etc. Our talented professionals, dressed up in the best outfit, then step in to showcase your product or offering. As a leading fashion show event management company, we organize fashion shows for assorted products including cosmetics, jewellery, snacks and accessories, among others.

The Fashion Show concept is equally effective for the Service industry (IT companies, BPO enterprises, etc.); it is an excellent opportunity to connect with customers through a demo or solution preview.


Corporate Tours

A Corporate Retreat gives your employees the chance to escape the monotony of everyday routine work. It helps them relax and recharge.

Kingdom Events Management organizes unusual, uncommon Corporate Retreats with a clear focus on leisure and team building activities. We have a choice of destination options, ranging from charming hill stations to wonderful beach towns and exciting forest lodges. The idea is, everyone involved should have a great time out and connect with each other easily. The casual, carefree atmosphere without any work pressure strengthens the employer-employee bond, fosters team spirit and improves the motivation level of your colleagues. Supported by hotel reservation, ticketing and food services, we deliver a total Corporate Retreat experience that spells best value for money.


Conceptual Events

What’s on your mind..? Share it with us and we will give your idea a tangible shape; we will create a memorable experience out of your wonderful idea.

Kingdom Events Management leads the market in creative event management in Pune. First we listen intently to your concept or theme. Then we plan an event that plays out this theme from start to end. Whether you want to arrange a tribal style dance, mask party, secret garden party or whatever wacky, we ensure your idea blooms into a nice, real event that clearly communicates the desired message. We offer a tailormade conceptual event experience to our discerning private and corporate clients, making them realize that their idea is now a pulsating reality!


Corporate Sports Events

Who is the best athlete in your company? Or which is the best football team in your organization? Host a Corporate Sports Event and find out for yourself.

At Kingdom Events Management, we organize Corporate Sports Events that help rekindle the competitive spirit among your colleagues. Whether it is to be hosted in your company premises or at an outdoor location, we make end-to-end arrangements for a variety of tournaments, including cricket, football, basket ball, volley ball, along with traditional sports such as kabbadi and wrestling. Individual sporting events like archery, rock climbing and paragliding are also covered. We are a trusted corporate sports event management company in Pune, whom you can rely on for efficient and timely service.